Sunday, November 05, 2006
Cheesey Running

I've been reading Smitten Kitchen for awhile now and she continually inspires me to bake/cook new things. A few weeks ago she posted about the NY Times Mac 'n Cheese recipe from January of this year. After seeing her photos, I quickly whipped up a list and headed off to the store.

I have to say that this is delicious Mac 'n Cheese. My only problem was that I didn't hear the oven timer go off and I didn't have any idea how long it had been in the oven. I checked the noodles, added cheese to the top and cooked it until the cheese bubbled. Quite delicious!

I feel that I can indulge with this delicious dish today since I ran 12 miles this morning and I didn't die. It was hard but it didn't rain which is a blessing since a huge storm* is supposedly bearing down upon the Seattle region.

Off to write! I'm at 5,874 which means I need to get 1,876 down before I head out for Mot's Going Away Party.

*This article is written by my College Roommate's brother who continually impresses me with his humor and knowledge regarding the weather.
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