Tuesday, November 07, 2006
The NaNoWriMo is HARD work

See that nice little graph right there. See how many words I've written since November 1. Yep, 6,163 (the graph may change as I update my words later on). See my goal for today of having 10,732 words or 4,569 more words done. Yep, THERE in lies my challenge.

I sit at my desk with my computer and I STARE into air unable to type a single letter, much less a word! I begin to hate my character and her dog and her husband and her house and then I remember that my inner censor is popping up and that the point of this exercise is to get a ROUGH novel of 50,000 words on the page and that my goal is to get those 50,000 words on the page.

My inner censor is a mean little b*tch. She says that I can't do this at all BUT then I usually win by saying, "Bring it! This is a challenge and I refused to accept defeat!"

SO I have to go and defeat that censor. She won't be allowed to win.
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