Monday, March 18, 2013

6 years ago... (yesterday)

Googy Googles

Six years ago on St. Patrick's Day, I met Scott at a Seattle Flickr Meetup. I was nervous about meeting so many great photographers but I was also excited to learn from the group.

The St. Patrick's Parade was happening downtown so the group met at The Westin for breakfast before heading out to shoot the parade. It was such a rainy day but I still went. I was determined to meet new people and I wasn't going to let a bit of rain get in the way. Due to the rain, the group hung out in the lobby for awhile before heading out to photograph the parade.

take one down, pass it around

Scott was (is) a quiet man so we didn't talk that day but when he got home, he made me a contact on Flickr. I friended him back and went about my business.

Scott at the Flickr Meetup

Two weeks later, I went to a Brews & Views and saw Scott there. Back story: My friends had just had a serious intervention with me, telling me that I needed to be more open to a relationship so I decided to throw caution to the wind and flirt with any man I thought was nice.

Shooting Flickerites

So back to the story, I saw Scott at the Brews & Views meeting and decided to say hi to him. He was talking to another girl and I decided that just wouldn't do so I was overly flirtatious and told him that he should take me on a photo walk around his neighborhood of Fremont. A few days passed and he messaged me on Flickr to ask me out for a *dum dum dum* a photo walk around Fremont.


He also invited me to a group Flickr walk around Greenlake. I remember those days fondly. The Seattle Flickr group would go out and take photos for hours! I met some of my dearest friends through that group and of course, Scott.

Putt em up!

We had a delightful first date (but I'll save that story for another day). Six years ago, I met my love, Scott and I'm so glad I decided to head out on that rainy St. Patrick's and later decided to be an overt flirt. They were both great decisions!
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