Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wing Luke Museum + Target


On Saturday, Molly and I attended a blogging event at the Wing Luke Museum courtesy of Target. We left Scott at home so he could enjoy a Scott Day (Dads need alone time just as much as Mommas and I try to give him an afternoon alone at least once a month).


After Molly's morning nap, I packed up the car and off we went. She was a little cranky in the car on the way there but since she is getting over being sick and it was nearing lunchtime, I decided it was just regular toddler crankiness. As I pulled off the freeway and headed toward the Wing Luke Museum, I heard her cough and checked the mirror. Poor little Molly had vomited all over herself. I was officially initiated into parenthood! I quickly found a place to pull over and leaped out to take care of my sick kid. I grabbed her out of her car seat and stripped her down. She was standing on the street corner, shivering and looking sad when an older couple chose to give me parenting advice. I may have snapped at them and I do apologize but I was dealing with a mess. Yes, I knew she was cold when I stripped her down but I believe it was preferable to her earlier situation. Luckily I had packed an extra outfit in our diaper bag that day so I was able to clean her up, get her re-dressed and we were back on for our event! I thought about heading home but Molly was now singing in the backseat and looking quite pleased with herself. So off to the event we went!


The Wing Luke Museum is centrally located in the International District and houses a hotel where many an immigrant found their first home, meal and refuge upon arrival in Seattle. As the nation's only museum devoted to the Asian Pacific American experience, it is a place where you can learn so much about some of the cultures that make up America. We had a delightful lunch and then did some Korean paper crafts in the art room before exploring the museum. During the luncheon, we learned about Target's educational fund efforts and I was surprised to learn how much is donated to charity. They mentioned that they will be hitting the $1Billion dollar mark in their charitable contributions to education by the end of 2015. That helped strengthen my fondness for shopping with Target.


Molly really enjoyed the paper crafts because it involved ripping up paper and wetting it with lots of water. She also enjoyed watching the other kids who were participating in the art time. Artist Aimee Lee took the time to show all of us how to create felted and collage techniques called joomchi using Korean paper (hanji). The end results were beautiful and fun!


watching the crafts

After checking out the museum and showing Molly all the great exhibits, I headed down toward Alki. It was time for Molly's second nap and we had plans to meet up with friends afterward in West Seattle. Unfortunately for me, Molly took a short nap so instead of knitting and watching the water; I had to entertain a wild toddler. We roamed around a park near the beach and chased each other around until it was time for our play date.

run free


After yet another outfit change, we headed to our friend's house. We packed up the girls and headed on a nice walk toward Menchie's for a bit of frozen yogurt and a visit to the swings!

friend time



After our busy but fun day out and about, Molly and I headed home for a quiet evening with Scott. He had a wonderful day recharging and we had a fun time at the museum and hanging out with our friends. Let's just not mention again how our day started. I may have spent a good portion of my evening cleaning up a car seat.
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