Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Ombre Easter Eggs

We're starting a tradition around my house. Last year my Mom, Molly and I dyed our Easter Eggs together and so this year we did it again. I wanted to try out some fancy dyeing techniques though so I scoured Pinterest until I found one that I thought was do-able.

Ombre coloring is really hot right now and why shouldn't my Easter Eggs also be trendy? I gathered my supplies and my helpers.

Dye Cups

Easter Egg Helper

Grandma Helping

And then we studied the egg dyeing directions along with the Pinterest directions. I carefully put the eggs in a small amount of dye and then added more dye to the cup about every minute or so until the egg was covered.

Studying the Directions

Ombreing the Eggs

My helpers didn't want to ombre all the eggs so we dyed most of them the normal way.

Dyeing Supplies

Eggs Dyeing

One of  my helpers found it hilarious to hold a hard-boiled egg. I hope she finds it just as hilarious to find the eggs on Easter!

Holding an Egg

The Ombre Eggs came out ok. It was difficult to add the water without the eggs shifting. I think I needed deeper, thinner cups for it all to work out correctly. I wasn't interested in boiling more eggs to find out though.


Orange Results

All in all, I think the egg dyeing was a success and a lot of fun!

Dyed Eggs
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