Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Homemade Playdough

Molly is of an age where she still puts everything in her mouth so when I saw this playdough recipe full of non-toxic ingredients, I knew I had to make some. I gathered the ingredients: Flour, Oil, Cream of Tarter, Salt, Water and Food Coloring.


I dumped everything into a saucepan and whisked it together. I let Molly help a bit at this point.



Then I gave Molly her own pan with a bit of dough to mix together so I could continue to stir and heat up the playdough.




I mixed and heated until the dough came together in a big ball of clumpy-ness. Then I removed it from the pan and kneaded it together until the dough was smooth. I made four different colors and put them into small containers.



At this point, it was time for Molly's nap so she took a nap and I cleaned up. Later in the afternoon, we played with the playdough! I put cling wrap on the table and gave Molly a few cookie cutters and a rolling pin. She had a blast playing with the playdough.





Another winner from Pinterest! This recipe made enough that I'm giving a set to my friend, Meg for her daughter to play with. This would make an excellent Easter basket treat.
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