Saturday, March 02, 2013

A Sweater for Abigale

Abby Sweater

My brother and his wife had a little girl in January. Since they didn't find out the sex, I was at a loss as to what to knit them. I made them a Wee Austin Hoodie but to be honest, I didn't love it. Then Abigale was born and I saw a pattern named just for her, the Abagail Sweater and I just knew that I had to make it for her. 

Abby Sweater Button Detail

I loved knitting this sweater for her. The free pattern was very well written and the lace detail is so sweet. It was so just interesting enough that I was never bored but not so hard that I couldn't catch up on The Game of Thrones while knitting. I also loved that I was able to use up some more stash yarn. I'm working hard to use up my stash. I'm planning a huge stash re-org soon and I'm going to toss/give-away/sell all the yarn that doesn't excite me so that my remaining stash is a joy instead of a burden. 

Abby Sweater Lace Detail

I'm giving the sweater to the sweet baby today and I'm so excited. This is a girly sweater for a sweet little girl. 

Abby Sweater

Ravelry details can be found here.

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