Monday, March 04, 2013

Potty Training

A few months ago, I shared this article with my PEPS group. A few of them snickered while others said, "Dude! Rebecca! Our kids are only a year old. Too early!" Time passed and then one of them quoted the article to me. I knew that the group was starting to think about potty training. I both dread and celebrate the idea of potty training. I'm kinda over diapers. I'm so glad that we've cloth diapered but I'm over changing Molly's diaper. That said, I'm not sure I'm ready for potty training. I'm sure that will have it own set of issues. 


Before Molly was born, I had planned to do Elimination Communication with her but then breast feeding issues, my mother's health issues and well just having a newborn quickly blew that plan out of the water. The suggestions in this article really resonated with me though so I quickly ordered a potty for Molly. I decided on the Froggy Potty because I had heard good things about it and because my Mom likes frogs. I set the potty up in the bathroom and whenever my little shadow followed me into the bathroom, I encouraged her to sit on it. 

A Potty For Me

I also got two potty books - A Potty for Me and Potty. These books live in the bathroom and Molly reads them when she sits on the potty. It's adorable. Sometimes she just sits forever in the bathroom on her potty, looking at her books. 

Potty Potty Gymnastics

TMI alert, I've became that Mom who says, "Are you pooping? Did you pee?" whenever I think Molly is doing one of those things. This goes into the category of things I never thought I'd say but here I am, saying it. I only hope that it helps because otherwise, I'm just some crazy lady shouting out bodily functions. 

Potty Sitting

The article also suggests letting your kid see you use the bathroom. Well that has never been a problem for Molly. I don't think that I've used the bathroom alone since she was born. I don't call her my little shadow for nothing. 

I also replaced our toilet seat with one that has an insert in it. I know we don't need it now but I suspect we will in the next 6-9 months and why not be prepared? I sometimes have Molly sit on it for practice. 

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