Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Week of Smoothies

I've been wanting to incorporate more smoothies into my diet but sometimes gathering all the ingredients while Molly hangs off my legs gets difficult. I'm feeling pretty clever about my newest solution. I made up smoothie packets for the week! 

There are actually three baggies for every smoothie but I have a strong feeling this will still help the morning transition. For each smoothie recipe, I have one bag of frozen fruit (banana, blueberries, raspberries and a kale cube left over from Molly's puree days that I did not want to waste).

The second bag contains spinach, peanut butter, chai seeds, flax seeds and rice protein powder. Then I'll just need to add the almond milk and greek yogurt to make the smoothie more smooth before drinking them up. I'm pretty excited about my smoothie solution. 

I have Scott and my smoothie cups in the fridge chilling overnight along with the blender sitting in the middle of the counter so all I'll have to do is dump the bags of ingredients into the blender and blend! 

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