Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Baby! There's a new park in town!

Molly and I had the opportunity to visit the new Westlake Play Space yesterday and it was so much fun!  We had a friend visiting from Boston with her kiddo. Since she didn't have a car, we decided to meet downtown and I was so thankful for the new Westlake Play Space. After we grabbed some coffee at Starbucks, we headed over to the play area where we gossiped, caught up on life and watched the kids get the wiggles out. 

I may have gone a little picture crazy taking pictures of the play area but the kids were having so much fun! There isn't a lot of equipment but what is there is nice and big. The ground is also soft which is great for falls. There are also some nice benches to allow a place for parents and caretakers to rest. 

My only complaint about the space is that it is not completely enclosed. There is a wide opening which announces to my child (and my friend's), "THIS IS THE ESCAPE EXIT! ESCAPE HERE AND DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR MOMMY! RUN FREE, LITTLE BIRD, RUN FREE!

In the end though, these two little cuties had a ton of fun and wore themselves out. Molly was sound asleep before I even left the parking garage. I swear I even heard some snoring on the ride home. I call that a successful play date! 

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