Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Wednesday Links from Around The Web 3.20.13 Edition

Tuesday = Greenlake Run! I was supposed to do 5 miles today but only got in 4 due to time constraints. Maybe I'll go for a walk later.

This sweater is on my TO BE KNIT list, which is unfortunately long but still check out this sweater!

Freezer Burritos Yummy and delicious but not as intense as this site necessarily makes them out to be. 

Pinterest Analytics But first you have to verify your site. Excuse me while I go figure out some code to verify this site!

Lost sleep can lead to weight gain Do you hear that sweet Molly? Mommy needs her rest to help her not gain weight. 

An elite runner's state of mind Good stuff for me to keep in mind during MY runs which are in no way an elite style of running. In fact, they contain a good amount of walking!
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