Monday, November 25, 2013

24 Months (Two Years) with Molly Pop!


Molly, You are TWO YEARS OLD! I can't believe what a big girl you are. You talk to me all the time and do such amazing things. I still can't believe that two years ago, you burst into our lives and I can barely remember a time when you weren't a part of our family.


Two years ago, you made me a Mother and in just over a month, I'll be making you a Big Sister. I hope you are ready for this awesome responsibility. Your sister is going to need so much guidance from you and I couldn't have chosen a better teacher for her.

Molly's dental visit was loud with lots of screaming but it ended with a balloon so all is forgiven. Time for lunch!

You've had a lot of check-ups in the last few weeks and you've done pretty well at most of them. You saw the eye doctor and you have great eyesight! You visited the dentist and your teeth are sturdy and strong. You had a developmental screening and are totally awesomely normal (genius level actually). Today you have your 2 year check-up with your doctor and then you are done with check-ups for awhile! I think you'll be grateful for the break.


You still love co-op preschool and playing with your friends. I also signed you up for a gymnastics class. Your first class was a bit intense so I'm hoping this next one is easier for you. There are a lot of directions to follow and being two, that means you have a hard time following them.


You are a charmer and full of personality! You get the giggles when people make you laugh and love playing with your Dad and Grandpa. You do a lot of puzzles and it is fun watching you problem solve.

Someone I Miss #fmsphotoaday I miss this little face when we're not together (which is rare).

You are still not sleeping in your big girl bed. It's made of lava or something but after a terrible bout of sleep this month, you are back to sleeping normally.


We took a trip to San Diego at the beginning of the month for Motty's wedding. You were an awesome traveler and had a great time hanging with your Dad and Grandma and Grandpa while I was busy with my bridesmaid duties.

Wedding Family!


We lucked into an extra seat for you on the flight to and from San Diego which was awesome! You watched Curious George on the kindle and eventually drifted off to sleep. It made for a delightful flight.

Molly, this is my last monthly letter to you. I'll still write some but not every month. I hope you enjoy these when you are all grown-up and can see what a sap your Mother is. Your Daddy and I love you so much and we are so excited that you are our daughter. You set the bar pretty high for Chicken Nugget. She's going to have to live up to your legacy (but I suspect she'll make her own legacy!). Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Pea!


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