Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Toast!

Me and the beautiful bride!

Just over a week ago, my dear friend got married. It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding and you could see the abundance of love in their eyes. Her groom looked so nervous as she walked down the aisle. You should see the nerves branching off him and melt away as their vows were read. 


She asked me and another friend to give a toast at her wedding. The three of us have know each other since the 7th grade, the two of them since the 5th. I cried as I read my toast to her and shouted, "Damn it! I'm pregnant! I get to cry." Our other friend held herself in check and gave a beautiful, heartfelt toast.

Wedding Family!

I thought I'd share my toast here today since it didn't all come out in the way I had written (damn happy tears!). 

Our friendship adventure started in the 7th grade with a stolen lemon swatch and a huge crush on Jeff H. Mot and Ali had met earlier in grade school but I never would have joined the fold if it wasn't for that lemon swatch and Jeff H. A friend of mine had stolen Ali's swatch and when I realized what happened, I switched sides. Then Jeff H threatened to tear Mot and Ali's friendship apart even though we aren't even sure that he knew either of them existed. Their love for Jeff knew no bounds and was as deep as a middle school crush.

Over time the crush faded but our friendship did not. We ended up going to different high schools but still hung out together all the time. We played pranks on each other from rice in our beds to stealing each other's clothing. Poor Motty lost half her wardrobe when she went off to South America with Amigos. I'm not even sure that her plane had taken off before Ali and I were rummaging in her closet. Our families were each other's second families.

We went off to college at three separate schools but kept in touch. Ali and Mot lived together for awhile and then Mot and I lived together for awhile so Mike, we feel your pain ;)

Mot's passion for life has led her on many adventures  but she's always kept her friends close. If you have a baby, Mot is there to help out in those first weeks when you are really questioning your sanity. If you get married, she reads silly love poems at your ceremony while turning beet red. If you just need to talk. she's there to listen.

And now on Motty's big day, we are do thrilled to be returning all the favors for her. It is such an honor to be standing up here wishing Mot and Mike the very best for their marriage together. Marriage is a terrific roller coaster of a ride. It's full of fun, frustrations and excitement. Some days are boring but having a team member to navigate the road ahead makes it all wonderful. Motty! Here's to many, many beautiful days ahead! We love you so much!


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