Saturday, November 09, 2013

Chicken Nugget - 32 Weeks

32 Weeks

This was a busy week for me! We all flew to San Diego for my best friend's wedding over the weekend and I was a bit apprehensive about flying at almost 32 weeks pregnant. It was totally fine though. I wore my compression knee high socks and made sure to move as much as possible. Molly ended up with her own seat due to the kindness of strangers which was a blessing because she kept trying to sit on the bump.

I had a busy weekend of wedding obligations but they were so much fun that they weren't obligations in the least. I did bow out of dinner with the bride and the rest of the bridesmaids the night before the wedding because I was exhausted and missing Molly.

We got back to Seattle on Tuesday night and I powered through Wednesday without missing a beat. Thursday was another story. I was in a daze all day. So much so that a friend kept asking me if everything was OK. Ugh! Friday morning, Molly woke up with a cough so we hunkered down for the day. She might have watched A LOT of TV while resting.

I'm in the home stretch of this pregnancy and I have so much to get done. Chicken Nugget lets me know her presence often which spurs me on through my to-do list. 7 more weeks to go!

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