Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Birthday Party Decorations

I'm in the final throes of Birthday Party preparation over here. I've assembled the favor bags, I printed the Pin the Tail on the Giraffe game, planned the party food and now it's crunch time! But I almost forgot about the party decorations! I was thrilled to find the two pins above because they gave me so many ideas!


I bought CHEAP zoo plates and cups at Target which thrilled me to no end. Molly loved them so much that she hugged them as we went through the store. She is going to be so excited to actually eat of them on Sunday. 


I bought this cute cupcake set and banner for a more decorative vibe!


And I'm busy making a Happy Birthday Door Banner along with some food place cards. 

OK I feel ready now except I still need to make the food and clean my house but hey I have a few days! 

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