Friday, November 08, 2013

Meal Planning

Salsa Verde

I'm in the homestretch of this pregnancy and I'm planning ahead. I planned out our meals for November in October and we've already started on that plan. I decided to tackle December and January now to reduce the amount of work I need to get done before Chicken Nugget arrives. My to-do list might be longer than the time I have left but so it goes! 


This is where I admit that December and January were pretty easy to meal plan for. My friends have set up a meal train for me so that takes care of some meals. I've been stocking the freezer with a ton of food and I know we'll be eating take-out and convenience foods a fair amount in January. 

Five Freezer Meals

All the canning I did this summer will also be called into play. We have some delicious canned foods that we'll be enjoying all winter long from peaches to jams and applesauce. 

Jars of Peaches

I've also made our meals a lot simplier. I'm tired these days and while I enjoy a nice, gourmet meal; I am just not in the mood to make one at 5 p.m. while pregnant. I'm relying on things I can make ahead when I have the energy but still fit into my gestational diabetes diet. Of course, come January, I've planned a very carb heavy month. Let's admit it, pasta is easy to make and I need easy in January. What do you do to make meals easier for you? What are your tricks? 
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