Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Favorites

This week's photos show a lot of knitting and I'll admit it, I'm nesting a bit which means I'm knitting A LOT! Winter + Late pregnancy = Knitting for me. I remember the night before I went in to be induced for Molly, I started adding so many projects to my knitting wish list. For some reason, I thought if I added them to my list, they'd get knit. Sadly two years later, they are still in my queue! Enjoy my favorite pictures this week! There are some spectacular ones in here.

1. I am rooted, but I flow.  - Virginia Woolfe -, 2. Stitching, 3. Late Night Swatching, 4. First day of summer, 5. Wool People 6 | Designer Roster, 6. Untitled, 7. Spaghetti Squash with Kale, 8. kate's sweater, 9. We Call Them Pirates Lining, 10. Graham cracker ice cream sandwiches, 11. Nearly Gone, 12. Do you Oakshott?, 13. life-changing, uncluttered chicken broth, 14. week two hundred & twenty six, 15. Lauren + LA =, 16. Notes Leeds, 17. <3 a="" itsinthedetails="">, 18. Spirograph, 19. Happy Halloween!, 20. You lookin' at me?, 21. Day 2470, 22. Mackinac Mitts, 23. Paleo Blueberry-Kale Egg Cups, blogged at #paleo #whole30 #baked #food #eggs, 24. here you are, 25. diminishing

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