Monday, November 11, 2013

Converting the Nursery to a Big Girl Room

The girlsroom

With Chicken Nugget's impending arrival, we've been hard at work re-doing Molly's room into the Girl's Room. Molly will be moving to a big girl bed and her baby sister will be taking over the crib. We've decided to have the girls share a room so we don't have to give up our den/playroom right now (this room is getting some love early next year to make it even more playroom friendly). Eventually we hope to remodel the basement and give the girls their own rooms down there.


A few weeks ago, Scott and I visited a ton of furniture stores in search of a nice but inexpensive bed for Molly. We decided to go with a twin bed for longevity. While a toddler bed is significantly cheaper, I knew we'd have to buy a twin bed within two years and decided to just bite the bullet now. We were lucky enough to find a sweet little bed with a mattress for under $500. 


Of course, adding a twin bed to Molly's room meant some furniture re-arranging and the room is now much more cozy than it was before but I really like how it turned out. 


I have a few more decorative items to add to the room. I need to add a letter for Chicken Nugget's name above the dresser, figure out how to move the monitor camera so it shows more of the room enabling me to see both kiddos and I really need to replace the laundry basket with a nice hamper. I also need to figure out the wastebasket situation. I bought the one we use for $1 at Target shortly after Molly was born. It's worked out fine but it's open and I worry about Molly getting into it once she's moved to her big girl bed and has more room to roam. 

dresser location

Our next challenge will be moving Molly into her big girl bed. So far she has not been interested in it and I guess we do have plenty of time since the Nugget will be sleeping in our room for at least the first six months but I'd rather do this move sooner than later. 
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