Monday, December 23, 2013

Advent Activity Calendar Round-Up

Advent Calendar Activity Day 4 - Make Teacher Janice a Christmas Card

Molly and I had a great time with her Advent Activity Calendar! This is definitely something I see us continuing for years to come.

Day 1 of Advent Calendar Activities!  Visit Swansons Nursery's Live Reindeers. #MollyAdvent2013

I did learn a few lessons from doing this though. One important lesson is to BE FLEXIBLE! We changed a few activities at the last minute due to pregnancy fatigue, sickness and weather. It happens! We also had to curtail some of the activities due to Chicken Nugget's early arrival. I also decided that we'll leave out the chocolate next year. It gave Molly a weird rash on her chin and I think she missed out on connecting some of the activities with the calendar due to her love for the chocolate.

2013 Visit with Santa

You can see the whole set of Advent Activities on Flickr.
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