Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gifts for Neighbors

Advent Activity Calendar Day 5: Bake treats for the neighbors! #mollyadvent2013

One of our Advent Activity Calendar activities was to make treats for the neighbors. I started doing this last year after thinking about it for years. We have a lot of older neighbors that I see and chat with all the time. I love seeing them and bringing them treats at Christmas time.


Molly and I had a great time making sugar cookies for the neighbors and then I decided to add a few treats without Molly's help. I made fudge and cinnamon almonds and then added some chocolates to the boxes.

After nap one day, Molly and I headed out around the neighborhood to deliver our treats. Molly thought it was a grand way to spend an afternoon and our neighbors got a kick out of seeing Molly in action.

Do you have any holiday traditions or activities that you like to share with your neighbors and friends?

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