Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chicken Nugget - 38 Weeks

It's been a rough week in Nugget land. I had my usual BPP Ultrasound on Tuesday morning but she didn't pass with flying colors so my NST was moved up to Wednesday from Friday. That meant I had to take Molly with me but I wasn't worried as I was sure it would be quick. Two and a half hours later with another BPP Ultrasound thrown in, all was declared good with Chicken Nugget. Molly was a champ luckily which helped me out when I was stressing.

I had my usual doctor's appointment on Thursday and I'm measuring at 41 weeks. Whew! Big baby girl! I'm still feeling good but I'm so ready to meet Chicken Nugget on the outside. 6 more days (or less if she decides to make an earlier appearance).
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