Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy One Week Chicken Nugget!

Today Maggie is one week old! I am excited everyday to hold her on the outside of my body while also watching Scott hold her. I love watching him fall deeper in love with his second daughter. He is such a good Dad to both his girls and you can see the love in his eyes as he gazes upon them.

Molly is so in love with Maggie. She calls her Baby and demands to hold her all the time. This journey into sisterly love is going well so far but I fully expect there to be some rough times in our adventure.

We've been to the doctor twice this week. Maggie's weight loss was more than the usual 10% so I've been supplementing to "get over the hump" as the doctor put it. Since I supplemented with Molly, I'm not upset by this development at all. I fully expected to supplement. We've also visited the lactation consultant this week to work on Maggie's latch. She likes to sleep on the boob which isn't that productive of a way to get one's food. I've been spending a lot of time with my pump to keep up my milk production. I should really start a simple knitting project to keep myself busy during my sessions. At least that would make them really productive.

I'm feeling awesome and recovering nicely. It's crazy to feel the difference in my recovery this go round. I could do with more sleep but I think every parent of a newborn has this same wish!

Maggie! We are so blessed to have you as a daughter and for Molly to have you as a sister. We are already seeing your little personality and it is a great one!
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