Friday, December 20, 2013

Seattle Sheraton Gingerbread Village


Last week, Molly and I took an adventure downtown to the Seattle Sheraton to see this year's Gingerbread Village. This is the 21st Annual Gingerbread Village and it is always a delight to see. This year the theme was Nursery Rhyme-inspired castles. The Gingerbread Village benefits the JDRF Northwest Chapter, an organization committed to curing Type 1 Diabetes.

Gingerbread Sign

Molly was fascinated by the gingerbread village and even jumped one of the ropes to attempt licking one of the gingerbread houses. Luckily I was quick enough and snatched her back in time, otherwise she would have licked them all! That caused a bit of a heart palpation for me!

Gingerbread Molly

We went with one of our PEPS friends and her son thought the houses were so neat! He tried to go through the line a second time but by the time we were finished, it had grown way too long to go again.


The houses were crazily ornate and so awesome! If you have time to stop by and check out these houses, I'd highly recommend it. It was a quick and fun activity for us but one that I think Molly will be talking about for days. 




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