Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Activity Boxes

With the new baby on her way, I thought I'd make up some activity boxes for Molly so she'd have something to play with while I'm tending to the Nugget. 

Also because I'd really like to avoid any more instances of this kind of activity. 

I visited Fred Meyer and bought some plastic shoe boxes along with some toys. I also visited the dollar bin at JoAnn's for some cheap activities. Then I came home and printed out the stickers from this pin onto label paper. I stuck the labels on the boxes and got to work placing toys and activities in each box. 


I put stickers, coloring books, small toys, pom poms and sorting containers along with some foam ABC letters and masks in each box. Next I cleaned out our TV cabinet and put the boxes in there. Molly loves to retrieve the boxes from their home and play with them. 

This is also providing us with an opportunity to teach her to clean up. I ask her to clean up the box she is playing with before dragging out another box. We currently only have a 50% success rate but I feel that is better than 0%. 


I plan to add some more stuff to these boxes as I had left over favors from her birthday party which seem perfect for activity boxes. I didn't spend a ton to make these boxes either. I used some things that we already had at home. Then I spent about $15  on the plastic boxes and fun activities to put inside of them. 

Stacked Weekly Boxes

I look forward to changing the contents of these boxes up and making them as interactive as possible. I also really hope these keep her occupied when I'm nursing the Nugget as I suspect keeping Molly occupied will be a BIG challenge for us. 
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