Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sunday Favorites

There is a chill in the air which means it is time to snuggle up, drink hot coco and check out great photos! Enjoy!

1. Eternity Scarf, 2. Garland Sweater, 3. Ephrata, WA, 4. Pretzel Turtles, 5. a walk in the woods, 6. Someone wants to play. Someone will have to wait for Brett to get home for that. #sunday #snowdog, 7. Best. Present. Ever. I love my spaniel cookie jar, thank you @andysimonharris !!, 8. macarons, 9. Two buck haul from the Idaho thrift store. Mug!, 10. Sheep Ornament, 11. Advent Day 2 - Make Ornaments, 12. sweet hat, 13. Princess Snowflake, 14. It costs nothing to dream, but everything if you don't.     Rita Davenport, 15. Luna Day 35, 16. Feeling slightly better this afternoon. Not sure why this purple line keeps showing up in my photos, though. Thanks for all the get well wishes, friends !, 17. Pierre Hermé macarons, 18. What a gorgeous day! A great shoot with a super sweet couple from the States this morning, and then meeting up with my Instagram buddies in the afternoon... Oh and seeing London from above always reminds me of how lucky I am to be here... I hope you're al, 19. 31//52, 20. Justin & Collards, 21. A different kind of basting this thanksgiving eve., 22. Smitten :: done #knitting #mittens #smitten #adventcalendar, 23. Because Gnomes. #Knitting #Mittens, 24. Naturaleza muerta. Belleza viva., 25. Nov. 26, 2013 – Up right again

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