Saturday, December 14, 2013

Chicken Nugget - 37 Weeks

37 Weeks

It's been a sick week. I had a cold and got something in my eye which made me think I had pink eye but I didn't, just a bad scrape. I've gotten some pregnancy insomnia but Scott has been letting me sleep in when I am asleep which is so glorious! 

I had a growth ultrasound where they have pronounced Chicken Nugget to be 8 lbs 12 oz with a big belly like her sister! My doctor thinks she'll be closer to 8 lbs but hey maybe I make big, hearty babies. My doctor is also convinced that I'll have her next week which I will more than welcome. She said that maybe the baby will be my birthday present which would be hilarious because then I'd get my birthday sushi! You bet, I'd be sending Scott out to get that as soon as I was cleared to eat. 

We're in the period of pregnancy where everything hurts and is a pain but I know that it will all be over soon and I'll miss being pregnant. I also know that an inside baby is a lot less work than an outside baby but I'm ready to meet my Chicken Nugget! I'm not very good at being patient. 
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