Thursday, September 16, 2004
Offical First Photoshoot

Last night after work, I made my way over to my parent's house for an Elise photoshoot. There was much hand waving, shaking of heads and tsking going on. After trying on Elise, I showed my creation to my Mom who gave her approval. I then asked my Dad to take a photo for me. I should have known it would be hard when he grabbed the camera and wanted to just start snapping photos against a white wall. I told him I had to go outside and I had to do the "Rachel" pose.

"The Rachel Pose? What are you talking about?"

"Dad, It's something I have to do for my blog."

"Who's this Rachel pose and what are you talking about?" Mind you this whole time, he's just taking photos and I'm looking like a dork!

After much discussion, I got my Rachel pose

Then Destiny wanted in the action except when I picked her up, then she wanted down. Once she was down, she wanted to be picked up. She's definately a cat!

And lastly, for art's sake a final Elise photo.

Speaking of Rachel, she commented that she lost her first toenail this weekend and that it didn't hurt. Now I'm not as scared about my gross toenail as I was last night when Mot told me it would fall off. I do not like it when Mot tells me the facts. I almost always try to pretend that she is lying to me and just doesn't understand. The most upsetting part is she is almost always right! I do hold out hope at all times though because she has been wrong once or twice before.

My poncho is coming along nicely. Now I just need to stay focused to get it done!

P.S. OHHHHH! I'm mad! Someone stole my pumpkin cream cheese from the fridge here at work. Is nothing sacred!?!
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