Thursday, September 30, 2004
Fever Pitch

I saw Susanna Clarke last night.

Once work was complete, I made my way to the Bellevue Library and found the appointed room. I settled in with the other early arrivals and listened as the noise level began to rise to a fever pitch. People were coming in with bags and bags of books to be signed. Others appeared so excited, they were breathless.

As for me, I was involved in a bit of a debate, one which involved me asking myself if I should I buy a copy for my Mother or not? After a tiny bit more of internal arguing, I decided to purchase the book. I knew once she listened to Susanna, she would want to read about Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Since I already had a brown cover, I purchased a white cover for her.

At 7 p.m., Susanna arrived. The librarian introduced her and she began speaking about the book. She had a set of white index cards tied with a strip of yarn which she referred as she spoke. She told us about her favorite books as a child, where she grew up and how Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell came to be. She finished up by reading a passage from the book. It was so vivid and I could see exactly where Jonathan Strange was and what he looked like. Parts were so funny, that my Mom burst out in laughter. My shoulders were shaking with giggles. I can not wait to really start reading this book!

In Knitting News, I finished my poncho and will have modeling pictures tomorrow. Unfortunately this was the best picture I could get late last night.

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