Friday, September 24, 2004

This weekend, I'm watching a co-workers two pups while they are away at a wedding. Let me tell you, these two are super cute!

I don't know how anyone could deny these little faces anything. And they are so well trained. If they need to go out to do their thing, they ring a bell! It's so nice and polite.

Last night the two dogs helped me wind up some yarn and spent quite a long time sniffing at it. I know they want to knit!

Jack (the white one) cracked me up this morning! I was getting ready while watching the news and a story involving two Huskies came on. Jack jumped up and started barking at the TV. I egged him on and got him going even more. As soon as the dogs left the screen, he layed back down and went back to sleeping!

Lucy (the darker grey one) is a bed hog. Jack slept at my feet all night, no problem. Lucy scooted me over until I was pressed against the wall. And she must only weigh like 12 pounds! Bed Hog! But how can one be mad at this little face?

I'm just so darn cute!

The finish line is nearing on my poncho and I hope to be able to wear it to some of my housewarming parties this weekend. Can you believe I have 3 to attend?

Tomorrow I run 19 miles....19! That is an awfully long way but I know that I will do great, just like I did on the 18 mile run. I'm preparing by drinking lots of water today and eating a big healthy dinner. I'll need the energy!

Whew! This will be a busy and fun weekend!

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