Monday, September 13, 2004
Official Triathlete

Yesterday, my friend Darcy became an official triathlete and she did great! She did the Reebok Women's Triathlon and said she had a great time completing this challenge. I can tell you she looked good out there. See!

Stephanie and I got up way too early to drive down to the race site to watch Darcy on her race. While there, we took silly pictures of ourselves.

And petted various dogs, even a mini Roux!

After that we headed out to ambush our friends completing their 20-mile run for their marathon. We drove the course backwards and when we spotted them, I leapt from the car and started yelling their names. I swear they almost turned a corner to sprint away from the crazy girl. They were super excited to see us and most grateful for the Gatorade, Stephanie had for them.

Yesterday, I think Stephanie and I proved ourselves as devoted fans to our friend's athletic endeavors.

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