Monday, March 21, 2005
Dulaan Knits

This weekend in Seattle was rainy and stormy but a spot of sunshine was provided by Ryan and Mary. Saturday was the Dulaan Knit-In at Mary's house. Fun was had by all and TMK's Chocolate Tofu pie was all that Ryan bragged about and more.

The amount of items donated by knitters was astounding! In fact, words can not describe what I saw spread out on Mary's table when I arrived to knit.

By the end of the day, I had personally donated 3 (two were pre-knitted) items and started a pair of mittens. Last night I bound off the first mitten and immediately cast on for the second!

Mary has made a personal goal of donating 25 knitted items. She's already knit 15 items and one of them is a SWEATER! Now I'm a competitive person but I fear Mary has me beat on this one! Maybe if I knit 24 hours a day until June, I can close to her total!

The shy one even joined the festivities and we loved her! I'm not sure that her newly dyed yarn did though as it bled all over her hands!

Now that is a yarn attack!

Mary's kitty asks, "HOW much are you going to knit for the Dulaan Project?

And not to disappoint Leanne, I've updated my Finished Knitting Gallery with a photo of me wearing Lara.
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