Tuesday, March 01, 2005
Knittin' and Swimmin'

Mondays are great nights. Mondays are when I get the opportunity to meet up with the Purlygirls for some knitting and then I have the chance for swimming at the local pool.

Last night was no different. I arrive at El Diablo and worked for awhile on my Manos sweater. I'm about 4 inches from being done with the back. This means that I am almost 3/4 of the way done with my sweater!

After knitting with the PurlyGirls, I headed over to the pool to swim some laps with a friend. We warmed up in the sauna, negotiated the number of laps we'd be swimming and jumped into the pool. After about 4 laps, the lifeguard stopped me and asked if I had a left shoulder injury. He made me laugh when he said that I was flinging my left arm about while putting my right arm perfectly in the water. He also voiced concern about me swimming in circles in open water (has he seen me swimming before!?!). He offered me some great tips and told me to swim as if I flying like Superman. That clicked, I remembered that I am Supergirl and so the last 16 laps were spend swimming as if I were Supergirl with my arms out straight and no arm flinging to be seen! I was very tired after swimming last night since I put all of me in it, both mentally and physically. Now I just need to remember not to FLING!
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