Saturday, October 28, 2006
Bedtime Story...

Come on Little One. Come and climb beneath the covers so I can tell you a bedtime story; one that carries you from this little house by the shore to the biggest castles in the land with the strongest princes and the most beautiful princesses in the land.

Let me tell you tales full of magical stories of frogs, puppy dog tails, NeverNeverLands and Wicked Witches. There will be stories where you can imagine that you are the princess and you hold the magical key to everlasting happiness. I will take you places where the glass slipper fits only your foot and the Ugly Stepsisters can bother you no more; places where the prince has been searching for only you.

Snuggle on in to your covers as I tell you about the Dwarves who took in a young woman in need or the little girl who fought a wolf and survived. What about the little boy and little girl who found a house made of candy in the woods? What shall I tell you about them?

Do you want to know more about how the little girl and little boy escaped the witch who lived in the candy house? Would you like to hear the songs the Dwarves sang as they headed to work? Can I tell you the fable of when the boy cried wolf? How about the three little pigs? They also fought a wolf.

There is the legend of King Arthur and his knights. They sat at a round table. It is an important part of the story. There was the little boy who pulled the sword from the rock. He gained much acclaim. I can tell you all of this and more. I can fill your head with fantasy and romance.

I wonder though, will you remember these tales? Will you remember these nights? When you grow up and have children of your own, will these nights be as precious as they are to me? Will you do this with your own children? Will you snuggle in with them and expand their minds with parables about faraway lands? Will they believe that you make up the best stories? Will you tell them that every Mother tells her children these same stories? Will you tell them that your mother and her mother told them these very same stories when they were children?

Come on Little One. I have much to share. Let me help you drift off to sleep with the tales I know. Snuggle in deep. I have a bedtime story to tell you.

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