Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Cascading Leaves

On Sunday after my 10 mile run, I thought I'd sit down and knit on my Blue Socks because when one has a goal, they must focus on it in order to achieve it. I instead decided to ignore my goal and made Tofu Spinach Lasagne which turned out so delicious that I can not wait to have it for lunch today.

Monday night though I knew it was time to focus on the Socktoberfest goal and after my spinning lesson, I began knitting on my Cascading Leaves blue sock. It's a lovely pattern but one that I have to pay attention to.

So I've knit one repeat of 6 repeats last night and I figure if I do that every night for the next 7 nights, I'll be through with the leg by next Monday, October 23rd. That will give me 8 more days to finish the sock of denial! It can be done!

Now I must go, I need to focus on my goals!

PS -- Ryan, I'm trying to post early so you have something to read :)
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