Sunday, October 29, 2006
Dulaan Knit-In

MaryB was kind enough to host a Dulaan Knit-In at her house yesterday which included some spinning and cat loving.

Irina showed up from Olympia with bags full of sweaters and hats she had knitted. I asked Ryan if I could steal 5 of Irina's items to the 5 I have committed to make. She showed me pictures of cold Mongolian Children and I quickly abandoned that idea. In fact, it made me knit faster!

TMK brought along her new spinning wheel and was kind enough to let me take it for a spin. I'm not that good at it but TMK was very patient with me. VERY PATIENT! She's a saint!

After I gave up spinning, TMK set to work spinning the roving she dyed last weekend at Janine's house.

This is going to be gorgeous -- bright colors and all!

MaryB's Cat, Charlotte even allowed me a few moments to photograph her. She's a beauty.

**More Knit-In photos can be found on Flickr!**
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