Sunday, October 15, 2006
If I could stop time...

If I could stop time, I wouldn't use it to clean the house, finish up projects, spend more time at work or knit more sweaters. No, if I could stop time, I would use it to enjoy more of the world.

I would go back to the places that gave me joy and head out to the places that hold great promise.

I would dig my toes into the sands of the Nice shore. I would enjoy that long sip of Stella in the pub in Chester. I would enjoy every moment for all that it has to offer. I would go back to the times where I laughed the hardest with the people I love the most.

I would linger longer in the Anne Frank House without strange children pressuring me to go faster. I would make sure to really smell the crypt under the York Minster. I would dig my fingers into the lace in Brugge. I would spend hours starring at the paintings in the Louvre.

I would go to the places I want to visit. I would expore Manchu Pichu. I would climb to the top of the Pisa Tower. I would stare into the face of the Jesus Statue in Brazil. I would feel the wonder of the Weeping Wall. I would watch the sands blowing across the plains of Egypt. I would explore every nook and cranny of the pyramids.

If I could stop time, I would use it to explore all the places I've been and all the places I want to go.

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