Tuesday, June 25, 2013

19 months with Molly Pop

You are growing so fast! Just this morning, I said to your Dad that you would soon be 19 months and then I realized that you WERE ALREADY 19 MONTHS OLD!


You are getting so big. I swear you grew overnight this past week. You are a tall kid. You've been really advancing in your language too. You have started saying a few sentences, once in awhile but you are really interested in sign language lately. You bring me your baby sign language book every night and we practice the signs from the book. It's fun watching you do them.

Enjoying Life #fmsphotoaday After enjoying some fro-yo, we took Molly to the water park.  She was thrilled!

Now that Summer is here, you are have been able to fully participate in your favorite activity, playing in the water! We're taking swim lessons twice a week throughout the Summer and I know that will be your favorite activity. I also love being in the water so I'm quite pleased that you enjoy one of my favorite activities. 

 Bubbles #vscocam

We celebrated Father's Day with my Dad and you had fun entertaining everyone with your crazy antics. Your Grandma and Great-Grandma also paid you a visit from Oregon. You wow'd them with your somersaults and burrito eating.


You are also enamored with holding your little friend's hands. It might just be the cutest thing that I've ever seen.



We've had some cookie dates, lots of zoo time and so many walks around Greenlake. You love getting out and seeing people.


Something Funny #fmsphotoaday Molly has some new sunglasses and they are hilarious!

We've also been hiking a lot and you are a great hiking buddy. You prefer to hike yourself but you've also accepted that sometimes you have to ride in the hiking backpack. I got one off the local Mom's list and it has been awesome. It allows you to sit up high and see everything and well to reach the salmon berries too.

Hiking Toddler

Oh Molly Pop! We love having you in our lives. You are such a wonderful bright spot and your giggles are the best thing to listen to. Here's to another great month!
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