Saturday, June 15, 2013

(Grand) Father's Day

This year will be my Dad's second Father's Day as a Grandpa and this year he is celebrating it with TWO granddaughters. I don't think he could have even dreamed of this three years ago. When I told him I was pregnant with Molly, he informed me that he had decided just that week that he was ready to be a Grandfather. I was happy to make him one and then this year my brother had his first child which made my Dad an even grander Grandfather.

New - I met my new niece tonight along with my parents. My Dad is recovering from a cold which is why he's wearing a mask. My niece's parents are not crazy germaphobes. This little girl is a cutie! #fmsphotoaday

He's a really good Grandpa too. Every Tuesday when my Dad comes to pick up my Mom, Molly greets him at the door. She gets super excited and if he doesn't spend at least 5 minutes with her, then she gets upset. She loves her weekly Grandpa time.

Grandma, Grandpa and Thing 1

In April, we left her with my parents for the weekend and they had a grand time. I think my Dad might have had the best time because he quickly booked a few more weekends with her.

Morning Newspaper Reading

I knew my Dad was going to be a great Grandpa. He's been a really fantastic father! He knows everything (seriously, I'm not sure how but the man knows all sorts of crazy facts), he's helpful and most importantly he is caring. Happy (Grand)Father's Day, Dad! I hope your grandaughters really spoil you tomorrow!

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