Monday, June 17, 2013

8 in 2013 - Pixel People - Star Wars - Enemies Finished!

In January, I talked about my 8 in 2013 goals and over the weekend, I finished another one! I finished the Wee Little Stitches Star Wars Enemies cross stitch.


I've been differing on this project and on Saturday night, I decided to just finish it. Now I need to decide what to do with it. I don't see Scott enjoying a framed cross stitch project in his office so I'm thinking about making it into a pillow for the guest room/craft room. He uses the room for exercising and could enjoy the pillow there.


This was a fun and could have been a quick project. Wee Little Stitches has a ton of these kind of cross stitch projects. I'm trying to resist purchasing them all!


My 8 in 2013 goals (and their status)
  • 2 cross stitch patterns (Woodland Sampler (I'm behind on this but plan to catch up this week) and Wee Little Stitches Star Wars people)
  • 2 quilts (One for Molly and finish up my Pinwheel Quilt) - I am nowhere near finishing these projects but once my craft room is back together, I hope to be able to get working on them.
  • 2 knitted projects (a Year in Temperatures scarf  and my Smitten Advent Calendar) - I'm also behind on my scarf but that would be easy to catch up on. I haven't knit on mittens in awhile so I think I need to figure out a weekly goal for myself so I can get this done. I mean there are only 24 mittens to do and I think I have 6 of them already done.
  • 2 photography challenges (Fat Mum Slim's January Challenge  and something else that I need to decide on) I've decided on my new photography challenge and expect to be starting and announcing it in a few weeks.
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