Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Favorites

My favorites this week make me want to have a Summer adventure with fun friends, tasty food and delightful pets!

1. hello, gorgeous., 2. Neon Museum, 3. First Outdoor Dinner, 4. Ginger ice cream with a rhubarb swirl recipe now on my blog. #thermomix #realfood #iscream #recipecommunity #thermomixaus, 5. Signa, 6. On the way back to Seattle, 7. Blue, 8. Rain don't bring us down, 9. New bar tape!, 10. A hot, but good 3-miler in the sun. And negative splits! (10:35,10:29,10:28) 5 days to go! #marathontraining #running, 11. Back to practicing with liege waffles made at home., 12. Lunch break. #roadtrip, 13. A Thing That Is Great When You Are Moving Is the Benjamin Moore Color Preview Fan, 14. Kaffeine, 15. My little mini hexagon project is getting larger. Somehow I've underestimated just how many of these half inch pieces I'm going to need for an sort of a large scale project., 16. The old schoolhouse in San Simeon, and Hearst Castle waaaaaaay in the background on top of a mountain., 17. Duh, how could we not? #heaven #ibelongtothesea #dontgochasinwaterfalls, 18. Ten. Sniff., 19. It says #bliss #potluckpowwow @jennydemarco @cusicphoto, 20. 165. Creativity is intelligence is having fun.  - Albert Einstein -, 21. Back in England, where it is currently cold and raining... Consoling myself with naps and coffee and photos of our holiday in the sun - oh yeah, #youbetterbelieveivegotlatergrams ☺, 22. week one hundred & eleven, 23. 2 miles down, 6 more to go. Last long run before my marathon next Saturday! #marathontraining #8miles #running, 24. 9043005191_5cf99ce776_b, 25. Adiós, España! Thanks for the sun, surf, swimming, cycling, cervezas and sunsets... And all that glorious Vitamin D... ☺❤
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