Monday, June 03, 2013

Phoebe Mouse

Phoebe Mouse

This year I decided to get a head start on Molly's 2nd Birthday Sweater which is good since I've been having some issues with fit. While I've been contemplating my plan of attack, I decided to work on the other part of her birthday present, Phoebe Mouse!

Phoebe Mouse3

I also used Phoebe Mouse as research since she has a sweater that matches the one I'm making Molly so it gave me a chance to check out the fit and gauge. Phoebe Mouse came together so fast and was so much fun to knit! Her hips came out a little twisted for some reason but I decided to leave them because 1) it is funny 2) Molly will never notice and 3) I'm not knitting it again!

Phoebe Mouse2

You will noticed that Phoebe Mouse's sweater does not yet have buttons. I haven't decided what buttons I'll be using on Molly's sweater and since I'd like for them to match, I'm holding off on adding the buttons.

Phoebe Mouse4

I'm so excited about giving Phoebe Mouse to Molly that I almost want to give it to her early. She's already seen Phoebe Mouse once on accident and gave her the biggest hug. She also started undressing her which is her current favorite activity to do with all of her baby dolls. I have a suspicion that this will be a well received gift!

Phoebe Mouse5

Until November though, I've hidden Phoebe Mouse and will be re-starting on Molly's 2nd Birthday Sweater this week. I also have some plans to make more outfits for Phoebe Mouse and my being SUPER ahead plan will hopefully allow for that.
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