Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Trip to the Aquarium!



On Sunday, we took a family trip to the Seattle Aquarium. When we entered there was a HUGE tank full of fish and a scuba diver who was busy feeding the fish. Molly was fascinated by fish and the scuba diver. 


We then visited the Puget Sound tide pools exhibit where you can touch the starfish, sea cucumbers and even a hermit crab! Molly was tickled pink by the water and didn't even seem to notice all the cool creatures waiting to be touched. 


I did get her to touch a starfish which was hard because she is not gentle with her touching yet. We were able to get one quick stroke in before she returned to splashing water. She may have splashed some of the other patrons. Oops! 



We next strolled through the fish tanks and checked out all the colorful fish. Molly loved the tanks that were at her level and we lifted her up to the taller ones. She pretty much ran around yelling, FISHHHHHHH the entire time we were in the fish tank area. 


We next moved onto the Salmon and bigger sea creature area. We got to see Fur Seals, Otters and some Harbor Seals. Molly was quite excited by the larger creatures and clapped when they swam by. 



We finished with a visit to a sleeping river otter. Molly didn't even notice him for awhile. I told Scott that he reminded me of our cat. 

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