Saturday, June 01, 2013

May Photo a Day

Another month of daily photos from Fat Mum Slim prompts! I had a great time taking these photos and am looking forward to continuing on with another month of daily photos. I'm really having fun stretching my photography skills as some of these prompts are hard and give me quite the challenge. This month I'm going to try to take more photos with my Nikon than with my iPhone even though my iPhone is a great camera.

Interested in joining us in June? Find the prompts at Fat Mum Slim!

1. What I Bought #fmsphotoaday, 2. Morning Ritual #fmsphotoaday All the coffee!, 3. This is really good! #fmsphotoaday sun + Molly = good stuff!, 4. In my cup #fmsphotoaday COFFEE!, 5. Paper #fmsphotoaday wherein I read Louise Penny, a Canadian author whilst in Canada!, 6. Broken #fmsphotoaday a broken pedal on a tricycle, 7. Something that starts with F #fmsphotoaday BCFerries, 8. Shape #fmsphotoaday Beach Logs have great shapes!, 9. A snack #fmsphotoaday Gelato makes a perfect vacation snack, 10. Stars #fmsphotoaday, 11. A Smile #fmsphotoaday Molly had the biggest smile when we let her play at the train table after breakfast., 12. I Ran Like A Mother! And my fans cheered like family!, 13. Sunset #fmsphotoaday, 14. 7 am #fmsphotoaday Morning drinks and playtime, 15. Need #fmsphotoaday I need my iPad and knitting (and a better memory to post photos I took on the proper day), 16. Mailbox #fmsphotoaday We have a funky mailbox, 17. Season #fmsphotoaday Spring is alive and well in Seattle., 18. Want #fmsphotoaday I really wanted dessert tonight so I made Banana Cream pudding layered with mini nilla wafers & topped with whipped cream., 19. View #fmsphotoaday one of my favorite views is watching Molly play. She's diapering her dolly here., 20. Light #fmsphotoaday I liked the light on Molly at the playground this afternoon, 21. I care about this #fmsphotoaday pain in the butt cat! Kato drives me crazy but I love him almost as much as Molly does., 22. Change #fmsphotoaday found in my purse (forgot to post this yesterday), 23. PJs (and rain boots) #fmsphotoaday this is how we roll to swim lessons, 24. Go! #fmsphotoaday, 25. US #fmsphotoaday, 26. Fave thing to do #fmsphotoaday is spend time with my smooshies!, 27. Can't Live Without #fmsphotoaday my smooshie (even when he is sick) xoxo, 28. What I'm doing now #fmsphotoaday Walking Greenlake with @kelseym and getting drenched! It was a great walk in the end though full of good conversation., 29. Kiss #fmsphotoaday kisses from momma, 30. Tools #fmsphotoaday these are the tools of my trade, 31. 4 Things #fmsphotoaday Four stuffed animals32. Not available33. Not available34. Not available35. Not available
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