Friday, June 07, 2013

Healthy, Tasty Snacks

Molly and I are often on the go which can make snack time a little tricky. I'm also trying to eat healthy and having a snack with me helps to prevent my many drive-thru stops at Starbucks.

This weekend, we made a big trip to Costco and I loaded up on snack options. I bought applesauce packets, mixed nuts, fruit, little cheeses, single-hummus packages, carrots and cheese sticks.

When we got home, I decided to make up snack packs for the week. Molly usually has two snacks a day so I decided that would also work for me. I laid out 10 ziplock bags and got to work. I pulled out my scale and weighed out 1-oz servings of mixed nuts. I pulled out 5 hummus packages and packaged up 5 ziplock bags of carrots (I used the snack-pack sizes for this). Then I gathered up 10 cheese sticks. We love our cheese sticks! I also put out 10 packages of applesauce. I thought about using apples but they get bruised when I carry them around in my bag. The applesauce pouches are just more portable but I will switch out the pouches for a whole apple when we are home for snack time.

I started assembling my packages. I started with my snack packs first. Into each ziplock bag, I put a bag of nuts, a cheese stick, an applesauce, a hummus and carrots. Then I put together Molly's snack packs. She got an applesauce, a cheese stick, banana chips and a cereal bar.

So far our snack packs have been lifesavers! We went to the Zoo a few days ago and stayed longer than I anticipated so Molly was ravenous. I pulled out our snack packs and feed her both sets of snacks. When we got home, I put together a new snack pack for the afternoon. I haven't been as hungry and have been feeling more energetic which is great!

What kinds of things do you like to snack on? What would go in your ideal snack pack?

Amanda - I can already sense that, like Scott, you hate the word "snack pack". However, I can't think of a better description for a snack pack!
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