Monday, August 12, 2013

Adventures with Molly - A Visit to MOHAI


Last week, I took Molly to MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry). They recently moved from Mountlake to South Lake Union and I wanted to check out their new space. I had also heard that the new space was extremely kid friendly, which it was! The additional bonus to their new location is that we were within blocks of Scott's office so we popped on over and had lunch with him after our museum adventures.


We started out by exploring the fountain by the museum which was covered with Canadian Geese. Molly ran right up to them and started waving which caused a lot of honking from the birds. The child has no fear so I had to quickly usher her away before they decided to peck at her.


We entered the museum and Molly quickly began exploring while trying to touch all the things that say, "Do NOT touch!" We checked out the railroad room and Molly got to build the tracks. We looked at the native Seattlite room and learned about their culture. We explored the exhibit on Seattle movies and the World's Fair along with checking out displays on Microsoft and Amazon.


The museum is huge and has so many awesome things to check out. There was a lot that I didn't get to really look into due to Molly's constant moving. She told me that she had a ton of fun at the museum though.


We ended up staying at the museum for about two hours and then headed over to enjoy a nice lunch with Scott. I'm excited to go again but this time I think we'll take Scott. He'd love MOHAI


I neglected to talk about our adventure to St. Edwards Park a few weeks ago! We went on an awesome hike through the park with my PEPS mamas. The only downside to our hike was that it rained! We've had a very dry summer around here, something like 35 dry days, so the rain was unexpected. My lawn was quite happy to get a nice, cool drink though. 


I mainly carried Molly in our hiking backpack but about halfway back up the hill to the car, I let her out. I think my days of hiking with Molly on my back are limited. She's heavy and now that Chicken Nugget is getting heavier, it is a bit of a strain on my body. I may need to limit my hikes to weekends when Scott can carry Molly. 


St. Edwards Park is beautiful though and I'd highly recommend getting out there for a hike, picnic or just to enjoy the scenery. I really haven't explored the park as much as I should, especially since I went to high school near it (back in the dark ages).


After our hike, Molly and I met up with my parents for some Taco Del Mar even though we were quite wet from our hike. It was my Mom's birthday so I tried to coach Molly into saying Happy Birthday but she wouldn't do it. She did give her a big kiss though. 
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