Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pinterest Thursday - Simple Air Freshener

So this pin is so simple that you really don't even need a pin for it. BUT I had one and so I made this simple air freshener. Now I need to go and buy buckets of baking soda to make more!


This is so easy. All you do is fill a jar (I used a jam jar, I have a lot of jam jars around) about 1/4 full with baking soda and then add about 6-8 drops of essential oil. The pin suggests lavender which I did not have so I used peppermint (left over from Christmas gifts last year) but lavender would smell so good too!

photo (38)

Then you poke some holes in the jar lid with a nail and a hammer. Put the lid on the jar and place it in a space that could use some freshening. I put mine in the basement bathroom. It gets stuffy down there without an outside window.

photo (40)
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