Monday, August 19, 2013

Pepsapalooza Fun


Saturday morning, we packed up the car and headed to Pepsapalooza! It's the annual PEPS family music and activity fest. 


We arrived a little later than planned due to some morning shenanigans but still made it in time to hear Caspar Babypants!  We found a great place for our blanket and after dropping off our stuff, headed around to check out the booths. There were baby rabbits to pet (and scratch me, all my fault), a tumble bus to jump in, bouncy houses (which we did not go in as the big kids were all bouncing a bit too roughly for a wee one), a ball pit and face painting. 

Pile of bunnies

After exploring and meeting up with our friends, we settled in for a nice picnic lunch and Caspar Babypants. Molly danced to the music before running off to explore some more. Scott took her around and gave me a chance to enjoy some lunch. It was actually quite peaceful to sit and listen to the music while munching on some tasty treats. 


We only stayed a few hours but they were packed with fun! Molly collapsed in her car seat as soon as we got to the car and slept the entire way home from Everett and then kept sleeping through the transfer to her crib. 

Exercise #fmsphotoaday The wedding celebration we attended was awesome tonight! The marching band drew out the dancers in the crowd, especially Kathleen.

After her nap, we took her out to dinner with my parents before dropping her off at their house for the night. We had a wedding celebration to attend for a fantastic couple. They truly embody love and it was wonderful to spend the night celebrating with them. Molly spent her night playing in my parent's hot tub (cooled down for a toddler), watching TV and then had M&M pancakes for breakfast. She was spoiled and I'm surprised she agreed to come home with us in the morning. I don't remember my parents being so much fun when I was a kid!

Post U/S donuts
This photo is from Friday after my ultrasound but I imagine Molly had the same look on her face when faced with SUGAR at my parent's house. 
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