Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chicken Nugget - 21 Weeks

21 weeks

It's been a busy week around here. Chicken Nugget seems to be busy growing and kicking like a maniac in the womb while Molly seems to be busy growing and running around like a maniac on the outside. These kids are wearing me out! I'm getting more and more excited about having two little girls. I really hope they become good friends. 

We met with the OB this week to discuss a VBAC or another C-Section. He laid out the pros and cons of each direction before saying that I have options and choices. I kinda wanted him to just tell me what to do. He did say that I needed to take my glucose tolerance test today rather than in 4 weeks as previously planned. So I'm heading down to the lab shortly to have my blood drawn after drinking a very sugary orange beverage. 

PS My hair is in dire need of a hair cut and color which is happening this afternoon. YES! Alone time in a stylist's chair is just what this tired Mama needs. I might even fit in a pedicure if there is time. 
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