Saturday, August 31, 2013

Chicken Nugget - 22 Weeks

22 weeks

It has been a week! I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes on Monday (which was no surprise and I'll be writing more about that later), then my crown fell off when I bit into a piece of sweet potato, followed by Molly smearing poop on her bed sheets. Sigh! I figured after such an auspicious start to the week, it could only get better and it did.

I've been trying hard to get my 10,000 steps in everyday. One thing I did very wrong when I was pregnant with Molly was to exercise in bursts. This time I'm trying to be more consistent. The only downside to all my walking is that I have been getting some pelvic pain which feels a bit early for such shenanigans. I'm making sure to rest too.

The nugget has been super busy kicking all week. Scott was trying to feel her and just like Molly, she stopped kicking as soon as he put his hands on my stomach and started up again when he removed them. Sneaky child!

Other than the gestational diabetes, I'm feeling great! I got some new maternity clothes over the past weekend and I finally feel like I'm able to look good when I go out. And then I totally did not dress up for this week's shoot because I didn't feel like it. Typical!
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