Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Knitted Pumpkin Hats for Wee Ones

My hairdresser is due to have her second child on Halloween and I thought it was only fitting to make her kiddos some pumpkin hats! I couldn't find a pattern that had the exact look I was going for so I created up my own. 

I used Spud and Chloe Organic Cotton in Sweater for the hats since she won't have time for fussy hand washing with two little ones running around. 

Here is what I did to make the newborn hat:

Gauge: 5 sts/inch
Needles: size 7
Yarn: 1/2 skein of Spud and Chloe Organic Cotton in Orange and a small amount of Spud and Chloe Organic Cotton in Green

Cast on 64 stitches with your main color (orange) and join in the round. Knit 9 rows of stockinette. On the 10th row, knit into the back of each stitch (this keeps the brim from rolling too far). Continue in stockinette until your hat measures 4.5"

You will now add in the contrasting yarn (green).  Follow the chart for rounds 1-5. 

Start decreasing on round 6. 
*K2tog, K6*, repeat around
*K2tog, K5*, repeat around
*K2tog, K4*, repeat around
*K2tog, K3*, repeat around
*K2tog, K2*, repeat around
*K2tog, K1*, repeat around
*K2tog*, repeat around

You will have 9 stitches left. Knit an i-cord for approximately an 1 and a half to form the pumpkin stem. Bind off and secure yarn ends. Take your kids to the pumpkin patch and take lots of photos of them! 

Now I need to go and make a hat for Molly Pop!
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